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Welcome to Eden Valley Digital (EVD) Blog’s Legal, Privacy and Cookies page. The Legal and privacy policy and terms and conditions of use for Eden Valley Digital’s website apply equally to this blog (View Eden Valley Digital’s Terms and Conditions Here)  in addition the following information is relevant for users of this blog. If you do not agree with Eden Valley Digital’s Terms and Conditions, then please do not use this blog or www.edenvalleydigital.com. Thank you.

This blog is currently being administered by Charles Paxton of EVD (www.edenvalleydigital.com)  he’s a website designer formerly living in Maulds Meaburn, now in Louisiana. For any website technical issues contact him via his website www.thewebcat.biz.

As EVD has no budget, this site is kindly being hosted free of charge for the benefit of users by Andy Luck of  www.wildopeneye.com because he is kind and supportive of our community efforts.

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Neither of Andy or Charles are interested in this blog’s visitors’ personal information at all and we will not share any such information with third parties except in the following unusual instances:

  • if asked to do so by law enforcement agencies
  • if required to do so in order to defend ourselves in case of a dispute.

Cookies Policy

Please be aware that like many interactive websites this blog stores ‘Cookie’ files on your computer in order to operate in a convenient manner.

The Cookies are small files generated from our server that are temporarily stored on your hard drive for a predetermined period. They are produced automatically by the blog’s software to serve each user and the site administrator doesn’t use them to identify any individual.

The html Cookies used by the blog are small text files stored on your computer’s hard drive that help your chosen browsers communicate with our web server to remember which pages you have accessed and to allow the blog to remember you as a registered user if and when you log-in .

NB You can choose to use any website, including this one without html Cookies by selecting to block your browser’s acceptance of those Cookies via your browser’s preference settings if you wish.  Seek instructions on how to do this via your chosen browser’s Help facility as the method to block Cookie files varies by browser type.  If you need more help, please see  aboutcookies.org for help with changing settings on different browsers.

Name of Cookie:  wordpress_676c660e503420bd400b4c2bafd70e58  Content: Username+%7C1392381274%7C22cb Session Cookie     Expires:  At end of session         Name of Cookie: wordpress_logged_in_676c660e503420bd400b4c2bafd70e58             Content: Username+ a string beginning %7C1392381274%  Expires:  At end of session

Name of Cookie: wordpress_test_cookie    Content:  WP+Cookie+check   Expires: At end of session
Name of Cookie: wp-settings-1 Content: 6hidetb%3D1%26libraryContent%3Dbrowse%26imgsize%3Dlarge

Expires: After one Year

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