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Having heard the excellent news that superfast broadband will be delivered by Openreach via fibre-enabled cabinets before the end of 2014 to residences in Crosby Ravensworth, Maulds Meaburn, King’s Meaburn and Morland main villages, Broadband Champions of Reagill, Sleagill and Parish of Crosby Ravensworth met recently to discuss provision to our harder to reach residences, the ones not expected to receive speeds equaling or exceeding 24 Mbps download over the telephone wires.

Charles Paxton has asked Alan Cook of Cumbria County Council’s Connecting Cumbria team for a meeting to discuss broadband provision in our area of Eden. He has kindly agreed to meet with EVD representatives on April 17th.

David Hayward of Reagill, John Linford and Martin Stone of Sleagill and Charles Paxton of CR Parish met with Mr. John Robson of Lonsdale Net to discuss recent developments in their service provision. Lonsdale Net currently delivers wireless broadband (in some places at superfast speed) and Voice over Internet phone (VoIP) services to over 300 customers in the Eden Valley. These include residences and businesses small and large.

David Hayward’s Reagill home is the first beneficiary in Crosby Ravensworth Parish of the new wireless relay mast at Sockenber, King’s Meaburn. He says he is very pleased with the massive 40 Mbps speed uplift that, amongst other things now enables his family to enjoy iPlayer in HD.

He is actually paying less per month than he used to, and receiving a very superior service. David says “I was getting 1.5 Mbps before at best. At peak times, things moved like treacle, and you could forget about watching videos. The engineer attached a small receiver to my home and now I’m getting high speed internet and phone and it’s actually costing me less than we were paying before!”

He has kindly agreed to Champion broadband in Reagill village and has distributed leaflets that inform residents of the service.

Martin Stone noted the following information LonsdaleNET Leaflet in his research into finding a better service for his own business Sportident , reliable internet is essential in the running of his business. Last year his over the line broadband failed him for 9 days and he’s keen to switch over to Lonsdale Net when service becomes available to him.


LONSDALE NET Key Information

IP Address is Fixed 

This is a good thing.


They guarantee to provide their customers with a minimum download speed of 10Mbps.


  • Installation fee – One off standard charge (including 15m of cabling, Nano (installed on guttering or television aerial) and Router) £149.95 incl  VAT.  ADSL modem routers used on the BT network will NOT work.
  • Monthly fee – depends on which package is chosen (Lite or Max), see table.



Monthly Cost


Speed (Mbps)


Home Phone Service
(Calls to UK Landlines)





Evening & Weekend’s free



10 – 70

(lightly enforced)

Anytime free


*They require customers to upgrade the Lite package should they exceed 3 months in a row and may restrict  speed to 0.5Mbps for the remainder of the month if this is not taken up.


  • Calls to mobiles are charged at 6p per minute.
  • 0845  6p, per minute
  • 0870  2p per minute
  • 0800 free
  • 0844 is between 4p and 15p as there are a lot of subgroups on this number.
  • International calls for countries such as USA and Australia between  2p and 5p per minute.


Telephone line and number

It is entirely your choice with what you would like to do with your telephone line and number, you can keep your existing provider or use the internet to run the phones through. If you decide to use the internet then Lonsdale Net will either provide you with an adapter to use your existing phones (albeit they may not be advanced enough to work clearly over the internet) or sell Voice Over IP phones  (see ‘Phones (Optional)’ below).


If you decide to use Lonsdale Net system for phones then they can either set up a new number at a charge of £10 or they can request that your number is ported across from your current provided (£30 incl VAT) which takes between 2-4 weeks.


Phones (Optional)  

Lonsdale Net supply Gigaset phones which are specifically designed to work over the internet (VoIP phones). The phones give excellent clarity and have lots of features such as:

§  Voicemail facility

§  Stores up to 150 numbers.

§  Provides 20 hours talktime.

§  If more than one handset is purchased then internal calls can be made and external calls can be transferred between phones.


Price –   £75 incl VAT for the base and 1st handset.

£25 incl VAT for each additional handset.


Additional coverage

As part of your installation cost you will be provided with a standard router which is suitable for most households. However if your house is particularly large or has extra thick walls then you may seek additional coverage across the home, this can be done in two ways:


§  Advanced router Netgear WDR3700  £60 extra.

Provides a larger perimeter of coverage.


§  Home plugs   TP-Link AV200       £70 (first set), £35 (additional plugs)

Sends internet though the properties mains power. An Ethernet cable runs from the router to the back of one of the home plugs which plugs into a wall power socket. You then plug one or more home plugs into other wall sockets and these can be used via a hardwired connection or wirelessly.   Home plugs will only work with mains power coming from one ringmain. They can be placed anywhere in the home provided they are on the same ringmain.


Contract and Termination

A rolling month on month contract which can be cancelled at any time by giving Lonsdale Net 1 month’s written notice.


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